I Think I’m Ready For New Adventures

While it’s still winter up here in Canada, there are signs that spring is just around the corner. Yes, I know that the calendar says spring, but it really depends on where you are. In my neck of the woods, actual spring lags way behind the calendar.

Still, you know it’s coming. For the first time in months, you can actually feel the warmth of the sun (even when it’s -10 outside). That is my first clue that spring is almost here. In December, January, and February, you can’t feel the sun’s warmth even on the sunniest days. I think it has to do with the angle.

I love getting up and going for my morning walk when the sun is just peeking up over the horizon. Such a contrast to walking in the dark in the dead of winter. Yep, I walk the same time every day 🙂

I love my life here, but sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t try something different. It does get a little monotonous – even though I have the freedom to do whatever I want during the day. Maybe a lot of it has to do with being in the same location, year in and year out.

One thing I was considering doing is grabbing a cheap flight to Mexico or Central America in the fall and renting a small apartment for the winter. I know people who do this very inexpensively and they love it. However, it would mean giving up my apartment here, because I wouldn’t pay rent for an apartment I was only living in for 6 months of the year.

The other option I was considering is living full time in an RV. There is just something about that lifestyle that appeals to me. By doing this, I could travel Canada in the summer, and when the cold weather arrives, either store it and go to Mexico or drive down to the southern states until April.

It would ensure that I would always have a place to live as opposed to spending the winter in Mexico and coming back to homelessness.

Because of the way I live, I have few possessions. I downsized and eliminated my junk years ago, so it would be no stretch to move into an RV, or store my possessions if I had to. As I traveled, I could continue to work because my online income isn’t location dependent. I wouldn’t even need full time internet service as long as I had it a few times a week.

I’ve been researching this idea for some time. Watching everything I could on living in an RV (and in some cases, a van) full-time. There are a lot of folks doing it. You would be surprised. I have a few regulars I watch, however, because they seem to be doing exactly what I would like to do eventually.

One such person is Carolyn from Carolyn’s RV Life . Her story is quite inspirational and it’s made me realize that anyone can do this if they set their mind to it – even if you think you can’t afford it.

Here is her introductory video:

As you can see, she is a single female, traveling in a 1993 Class C RV and having the time of her life. She supports herself through an online marketing consulting business she started before going into this full time. Between that, and what she makes through her videos, she is able to pay the bills, chart her own course, and create her own adventures without having to worry about reporting to a traditional job every morning.

In a way, she’s doing what I’m doing, except I don’t have an RV (yet).

Not everyone is cut out for this lifestyle. While it may seem idealistic watching it on Youtube, no doubt, there are just as many ups and downs as one would experience living in a bricks and sticks house – maybe more.

But I think it’s worth it.

The main thing is that you have an emergency fund and money to pay the bills every month. Though you won’t have to pay rent or a mortgage, you need a cushion for unexpected breakdowns and other expenses that can catch you off guard.

So, if I ever want to do this, I better do it while I still can. I’m 55 now, in 10 years, who knows what my mobility will be like. Heck, I may not even be here. No one knows what lies ahead, so it’s up to us to make the most of our good, healthy years.

As far as Rvs go, they’re expensive. And I don’t have the money to buy new. Well, I could, but that would essentially wipe out my investments and that means an end to half my monthly income. Obviously, I can’t do that.

Buying used is the only option, and I do believe there are deals to be had. But you have to be careful too. Buying a 1984 class A with 69K km’s on it for under 10 thousand might seem like a great deal, but you are left owning a 33 year old RV. Low mileage, but aged materials that could give out any time. I think there is a sweet spot to purchase, but I don’t know what that is yet.
Over the last few months, I have looked at everything out there. From class A, B, and C to fifth wheels, to travel trailers, to vans, to box trucks. I’m at the point where there are too many choices and I seem to be flipping back and forth from one to the other every few days. Each as it’s pluses and minuses and that is what makes it so hard.

Shiny object syndrome.

I’ll post more as I muddle through this…



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