The SEO Bubble Has Burst – What Now?

The internet marketing world is in a state of crisis – it’s just that some of us refuse to believe how bad it really is. In the past few months, many people have seen years of work disappear overnight – a steady, livable income reduced to the odd residual sale. That is what happens when Mother Google decides to turn off the tap.

But did you really expect any less?

The fact that the bubble finally burst was really no news at all. I think we were all expecting it to happen, it was just a matter of when. Honestly, how long could it have gone on for before it really started affecting Google’s bottom line. You just knew the hammer was going to come down hard. Read the rest of this entry

Google Hates Me – And Other Ramblings

Why is Google so hard on me?

That is a question that I have been asking myself since I started this online venture. Usually it’s after I’ve  been hit by another algorithm change or one of my sites has incurred a penalty of some sort. In this business, fighting the search engines (Google, in particular) is something that is par for the course and any serious webmaster/marketer knows that this is just a part of doing business.

But it can really wear you down.

If you have been hit by the latest Panda and Penguin updates, this is something that hits very close to home.

Yes, it’s enough to make you want to quit.

However, if you are determined to make it in this tough business, giving up shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. Anyone who owns an affiliate site or makes their living from Adsense is simply going to have to learn to adapt. While the answers may not be there for you right now, you have little choice but to trudge on, looking for a break and trying to make sense of it all. Read the rest of this entry

Are The Search Engines Turning Us Into Spammers?

Are you a spammer?

I know what you are thinking: “Of course I’m not – I go by the book, providing quality content on my site and getting backlinks in the most ethical way possible.”

Yeah, okay, fair enough. However, if you do any sort of link-building at all, you are artificially inflating your popularity and that is what Google is trying to stop. If you own a site, it’s unlikely that you have never dropped a link somewhere with the intention of appearing more popular in the search engines.

But don’t feel bad, this isn’t something that you created. It is all down to the fact that the search engines really don’t have any way to gauge popularity, other than tallying the amount, and quality, of links you get. Of course, this has lead to wide-spread abuse and attempts to game the system. Unfortunately, if you want any chance at all of competing, you are going to have to play the same game. Read the rest of this entry

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